Monitoring of building technology and equipment

The system of monitoring ensures control over the work of the special equipment, machinery, and construction facilities. Knowing where and how the bulldozers, excavators, and massive tower cranes are implemented, you avoid misuse of machinery and extend the service life of your equipment.


Real milage and “Machine hours”

Each case of “trickery race” and “fraudulence” brings to an additional mileage, intense deterioration of machinery, therefore, to extra costs. With MGMonitoring, you are sure that your upscale equipment is not misused on third-party production facilities, without your awareness.  In result, you save on technical maintenance, fuel, and elimination of theft by the employees.

Conrol of exlpoitation

MGMonitoring ensures control over the exploitation of the machinery and equipment, eventually preventing the intense deterioration and critical breakage. Due to the report system and notifications, you will surely be aware where, when, and how effectively your equipment is being implemented, being able to prevent any attempts to sabotage the workflow.

Control of fuel

MGMonitoring’s  fuel control system will help to identify the use of “fake” checks and uncertified fuel, odometer twisting, fraud with fuel cards, and unreasonable fuel burnout. Receive information either in real time or via reports, compare the real flow to the norms, and accurately determine the sinks, using an effective fuel monitoring system.