Monitoring system in Ariculture

Implementation of the monitoring system ensures a complex approach to problem solving in each state of agricultural enterprise. Apply a trustworthy combination of system, equipment, and any kinds of sensors to monitor agricultural machinery, increase productivity and accuracy of field processing.

Control of the exlotaiting areas

Each case of “trickery race” and “fraudulence” brings to an additional mileage, intense deterioration of machinery, therefore, to extra costs. With MGMonitoring, you are sure that your upscale equipment is not misused on third-party production facilities without your awareness.  In result, you save on technical maintenance, fuel, and eliminating theft by the employees.

 Alayisis of Sensors’ Parameters

Due to the flexibility in working with the equipment, the system controls the  most complex substances, including massive generators and technological road-trains. With MGMonitoring, you can monitor critical indicators in real time and conduct remote diagnostics of expensive equipment, controlling dozens of monitoring parameters online.

Online control over Transference

MGMonitoring offers more than just displaying the object on map. Due to our solutions, you get an accurate data on the activity and state of the object in real time and react to the alarming events immediately.

Control of fuel

The fuel control system of MGMonitoring will help to identify the use of “fake” checks and uncertified fuel, odometer twisting, fraud with fuel cards, and unreasonable fuel burnout. Receive information either in real time or via reports, compare the real flow to the norms, and determine the sinks accurately using an effective fuel monitoring system.