Fuel control


Control of Fuel consumption

Companies having vehicle fleets inevitably encounter the issue of fuel consumption control. The logical explanation for this is the following; about half of the transport maintenance costs accounts exactly for fuel component. And, in this case, monitoring system is an optimal solution for controlling and optimizing these expenses.

The system controlling the fuel is based on the data recorded by special sensors indicating the level of fuel, installed either in the tank of the vehicle or the vehicle’s on-board computer data. The data enters the monitoring system and allows to identify the discharge or unreasonable fuel burnout. According to the statistics, implementing MGMonitoring’s satellite monitoring system to control the fuel consumption pays off already in 3-4 months.

Fuel consumption analysis by MGMonitoring

Using MGMonitoring’s system, dispatcher of the establishment can easily observe the vehicle’s history of fuel level changes in any chosen period in form of a visual graph. Clicking on any point of the graph, you will see the exact state of fuel level and the location of the vehicle at the moment. For analyses, the system applies data from either additionally installed Fuel Level Sensor (FLS) or on-board car computer (CAN). MGMonitoring provides the possibility to receive the reports in form of tables on re-fuelling and plums with the date, exact time, location, initial and final levels of fuel and volumes of refills / drains. Using MGMonitoring’s special reports, the dispatcher can analyze the vehicle’s real fuel consumption level in each period, compare it to the norms, quickly estimate the savings and burns for each car and the entire fleet as a whole. Having adjusted the system to their own needs, the user will also be able to receive notifications about refills and plums via email, SMS or in a pop-up window as well as to observe information about the current value of the fuel level in cars. The control of fuel consumption positively affects the discipline of drivers and gives an opportunity to analyze the factors resulting in the increased fuel consumption, and effectively plan the operation of the fleet. The MGMonitoring fuel monitoring system will allow minimizing fraud with fuel, increasing the safety of cargo transportation and reducing costs for depreciation of vehicles.