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MGMonitoring will simplify the work with the routes thanks to automatic planning and optimization. Monitor the passage of the route in real time, promptly responding to the deviations and unauthorized stops, or use the data to analyze and improve company’s logistics.

Route Planning

  • Creating the routes manually or from a track / geozone;
  • Multiple sources of address information / addresses from geozones;
  • Sending the route / checkpoints through a command;
  • Automatic creation of races on the schedule or notification;
  •  Automatically assigning the objects for the race.

Real time control

  • Controling the passage of the routes and the reaching of control points through geozones;
  • Notifying during the route, the cases of delay, and deviations.


  • History of the route with data on delays and advances;
  • Report of races on the object and the route;
  • Building and tracing tracks;
  • Calculation of the mileage on toll roads;
  • Report on completed requests;
  • Tracks, markers and geozones in reports.