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MGMonitoring copes equally effectively with monitoring of couriers, truckers and workers at hazardous production facilities. Ensure business transparency by providing customers with the information about courier’s location, ensuring the employees’ safety, stimulating discipline, and motivating the team on the basis of objective data.

Control of the drivers

  • Real run monitoring;
  • Control of compliance with the work regime, work and rest norms;
  • Tacho View and Tacho Manager for working with tachograph data;
  • Possibility of remote uploading of DDD-files.

Control of the couriers

  • Chatterbox for correspondence with field workers;
  • Eco Driving for quality control of driving;
  • Automatic assignment and removal of drivers;
  • Speed control.

Control of the employees in the workplace

  • Registration of the working shift;
  • Alerting notifications for workers in hazardous areas;
  • WiaTag to use the smartphone as a tracker.